Reading Your Textbook

 Lecture Notes & Textbook Readings

The difference between an “A” student and a “B” student is the following:

  1. It is crucial that you attend every class lectureBio Class Image from CC take notes. If your instructor provides PowerPoints in Blackboard, print them out before class, and just highlight and add supplemental notes as needed. This way you can pay attention to lecture and do not feel rushed to write down everything on the board as well as everything your instructor says during class.

  2. YOU SHOULD READ THE CHAPTER BEFORE reading-1209174_960_720CLASS! Make sure you read the chapter prior to your first class. This way when the chapter is covered in lecture you have some foundation/background about this topic. This will allow you to ask questions about what you don’t understand and also frees you up to take notes only about the content you are not confident in.

  3. Participating in additional study time every day Image of student from with DNA double helix from Open Staxmodeloutside of class. NCCC offers free subject-based tutoring, as well as, a Science Center. Utilize the following resources on this website for further help.