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Welcome to NCCC Biology Study Guides!

This website was created for BIO 109 & 117 students attending SUNY – Niagara County Community College. The goal of this site is to help you study more effectively.


Utilize the menu at the top of this site to navigate among the various educational resources available for your use. We recommend reading through the “Study Tips” to help you make a game plan for your study sessions.


Study Skills

Study Skills

Everyone learns differently, and at their own pace. When it comes to biology, you are asked to memorize, understand, and conceptualize scientific vocabulary, themes, and theories that are foreign to you.  In order to truly learn this information and store it into your long-term memory, you need to:

  • Study in different ways and forms (educational videos, flash cards, and games)
  • Study EVERY day for 2-3 hours/day
  • Read your book and re-read your notes
  • Practice in a test environment

Doing the Math

When it comes to study time 2-3 hours is the rule. It seems like a lot , but start off at this pace and reflect on how well you know the content. If you are testing yourself and feel you gain mastery of the content in less time, then you can spend less time studying.

Add up the following study time:

  1. Listening to an educational video or podcast in the car to/from class or work 60 minutes on avg.
  2. A study session where you rotate twice through the following activities 5-10 minutes each through for a total for 60-90 minutes on avg:

– reading two pages of your book/notes
– reviewing your electronic flash cards with terms from the chapter
– playing an educational game
– reading two pages of your book/notes
– watching an educational video
– completing a practice test

Total = 120-150 minutes per day

Where Can I Find These Tools?

We have compiled a list of these FREE resources for you, just click on the links below to access the resource.

Did we mention, these are all available on smartphones, tablets, and PCs?